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Discover the Power of Ayurveda with
Jod Amrit Kadvi Dawa

About Kadvi Dawa

Jod Amrit Kadvi Dawa, by Mama Merulal Ji, is an Ayurvedic powder breakthrough for permanent joint pain relief.
Discover the Power of Ayurveda with Jod Amrit Kadvi Dawa
Jod Amrit- Kadvi dawa powder is 175 Years Ancient secret formula and traditional Remedy from the ancestors of Mama Merulal ji (Jhabua-M.P).
This Ayurvedic medicine helps to cure all type of joints pain and provides effective results for Knee pain, Back pain, Lower back pain & Neck pain. Jod Amrit- Kadvi dawa not only helps in immediate pain relief but also helps to cure the problem completely from the root.
This medicine contains a special combination of natural and rare herbs. The procedure to make Jod Amrit Kadvi Dawa follows the significant rules of Ayurveda, which make this medicine more effective and powerful.
Jod Amrit- Kadvi dawa powder is clinically tested by authorities, hence is also approved by Ministry of Ayush. This Ayurvedic medicine is 100% natural & veg.

How to Use

Mix 1 tea spoon Kadvi Dawa powder approx 5 grams in one glass Luke warm water and drink in the morning with empty stomach.
Taste of powder will be little bit bitter but for best results on joint pain complete the entire treatment course

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